Banking on 2G

Second generation leaders take reins of 30-year-old family-owned enterprise Second generation members of the families of the Barinos and Mantuhacs, owners of the Duros Group of Companies,(right) are given a chance to grow further the legacy of the family-owned enterprise. Above, Padgett Place in Cebu City is one of the major projects of the group.

A P 500M ‘miracle’

‘To recover costs, company can develop 2-hectare church property’ CHURCH BUILDING. Lito and Fe Barino turn over a symbolic key to the International Eucharistic Congress Pavilion to Cebu Archbishop Jose Palma. The Barino couple’s Duros Development Corp. built the pavilion (below), which can reportedly accommodate 12,000 persons, without the Archdiocese having to shell out cash.


Rafaelito A. Barino and wife Fe of Duros Development Corp. recall their decision to shoulder the cost of building the Pavilion for “God’s greater glory”. Fe, who paused to wipe tears as an image of the Pavilion flashed on screen behind them, said their lives and the company have been blessed many times over. Joseito

Reshaping the Southern Landscape

     Looking down from his 12-hectare mountain villa in San Vicente, Liloan, Cebu, Rafaelito Barino recalls how, even with management diploma, it was hard to get a job without the right connection. Eventually he became a freelance salesman, and soon found humself as the middleman between people with product to sell and people who

Duros CSR: Surrender to God

Fe Mantuhac Barino, 59, could not remember a time when her life was not affected by illegal drugs. The chief executive officer of Duros Group of Companies, a highly successful Cebu-based construction and real estate firm, has been challenged by relatives who are drug pushers and users, and she is helping them live drug-free lives.

Duros Land launches 23 Minore Park

IC3 (IEC Convention Center Cebu) at 23 Minore Park Envisioned to uphold Cebu’s historical landmark, 23 Minore Park will be officially launched this December 15 as a place where nature is greeted by history. A development by Duros Land Properties Inc., the 23 Minore Park is located on the former grounds of St. John XXIII