It's been a long road traveled by Duros Development Corporation. Over 2,000 thousand kilometers of roads and bridges built, concreted and asphalted. And still more being laid out. Over P3 Billion worth of contracts completed. And more being completed now. Duros Development Corporation has come a long way from building maintenance and painting projects in the early 1990's.

The company has built it's reputation on International standards delivery. Today, Duros Development Corporation has gone the distance from building maintenance, to roadwork and now, real estate development contracting. With three ISO certificates on Quality, Environment, Health & Safety, and a triple A contractor's license, Duros Development Corporation is a recipient of recognition from various sectors and other awards for entrepreneurial excellence and continues to maintain it's position as one of the foremost contractors in the country today.

Duros Development Corporation has developed a portfolio of completed projects that continue to maintain the company's reputation for structural integrity, quality in service and timely delivery. For as long as there will be a need for well built structures, Duros Development can be counted on to be there and help you build towards an enduring future.